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Foggy’s Back!

11 Oct

Everyone’s least favourite travel blogger is back! Check out the new video put together by my good friend Andrew Noon, hope you enjoy!

Tschurtschenthaler House

24 Sep

My friend Stephan did me a huge favour and set me up with his family in the west of Austria. They are from a small town of 300 people called Pfaffenswendt in the province of Tirol. The train ride there was amazing as my surroundings started to jet up into the sky as I entered the Alps. Michaela picked me up at the train station and we walked back to her house. They really treated me like family and brought me into the clan. For the next week they fed me ridiculous amounts of food, beer and schnapps. I left feeling 10 pounds heavier but it is a place I know I will come back to.

















Unreal Vienna Host

10 Sep

I got into Vienna early in the morning and just as promised my friend Heidi picked me up at the train station. I knew Heidi from UBC where she did an exchange for a semester. We went back to her dorms at the University that would be my home for the next few days. Heidi went far out of her way to make sure I had a good time in Vienna. She showed me around the city and the good spots where few tourists go. We would cook some amazing dinners together (her being the way better cook), and then hang out and chat. Heidi truly went far beyond any host and I am really grateful for it, I hope one day she comes back to Canada so I can return the favour.



Vienna, Austria Vienna, Austria





















Familiar Faces

10 Sep

I was sitting down having a coffee in Vienna with my friend Heidi, and a guy walking by looked too familiar. I yelled out “Terrell” and he stopped and turned. It was my buddy Jeff from back home, so the beers were ordered and sat down with his friend Jack. It wasn’t long until another Tsawwassen girl Teryn joined us. It was pretty cool seeing someone from back home as it has been so long. The next four days were filled with too many stories and good times with two boys from back home. Like all good things they came to an end with him flying back home and me moving on in Austria for my next adventure.