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Foggy’s Back!

11 Oct

Everyone’s least favourite travel blogger is back! Check out the new video put together by my good friend Andrew Noon, hope you enjoy!

Small World

28 Nov

It is amazing sometimes how small the world really is, the more you travel the greater this realization becomes. I moved to Wellington here knowing no one, and through Tom he mentioned a fellow Canadian living here. We went out for drinks a few times and it turns out he went to UBC as well and ran the same Blue Crew program I did a few years before me. An even stranger twist is that his Dad trained with my Uncle Brent in track in Victoria. So here we are two Canadians in New Zealand causing a ruckus. Will has made the transition down here great the only problem is we both love then same women and her name is cold beer. We have arms made of rubber and whenever the weekend rolls around they always seemed to be twisted. I can certainly think of worse things in life so this one’s for you Mr. Stewart!


An Ode to Simi

7 Nov

For the past month Matt has been a huge GC to let me crash in his lounge while I sorted my life out. We had never met before but for some reason accepted me into his home. Our first meeting could have gone better as I called him to let me into the apartment as he was entertaining a female companion. I dropped my bags off and hung out watching TV until he emerged from his room and asked if I wanted some eggs. He cooked up a feed and we made some proper introductions. Over a month later and I feel like I have known the guy for years. Too many good times together including that trip up to Auckland for the finals. The time at the flat was awesome but it is time for me to get my own room. A huge thanks to Matt for the mattress on the floor and you have one in Vancouver when you get yourself up there.





All Blacks Parade

26 Oct

I ducked out of work for a little while to brave the elements and watch The All Blacks Victory Parade in Wellington.

Rugby World Cup Final

25 Oct

The boys decided that if The All Blacks made the World Cup Final we would drive up to Auckland. Once the semi-final was won the road trip was set in stone. Saturday morning we got into the car and drove the 7 hours until Taraunga where my buddy lives. We had a night of home cooking until we continued the next day up to Auckland. We stopped and got some beers for the drive (which is legal in New Zealand) and smashed it out. We got to our home base and took in the warm sun which we haven’t felt it a while.

We walked to Eden Park to try and score some scalpers but there were none to be seen so we cabbed downtown. Our driver just happened to be a Calgary Flames fan so there was some great banter in the car. The streets were packed but we eventually found a bar that would let us in. The game started and New Zealand went silent, you could feel the collective nerves of a whole country riding on the next 80 minutes. After the final kick went out the liveliness came back to the streets and New Zealand was again World Champs. We all poured out into the street and threw high fives to anyone we passed. It definitely brought me back to the Olympics in Vancouver but not on the same scale. 24 years after they won their only World Cup The All Blacks finally got their hands on it again. The long wait was worth it as the party that night was on another level.


Rugby World Cup

















Rugby World Cup

Canada vs. All Blacks Haka

3 Oct