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Oslo Travel Tips

27 Jun

Here are a few tips for travelling Oslo.

Drinking– Alcohol in restaurants and bars are ridiculously expensive, around $12CAD for a pint of beer. To be able to afford a night on the town without having to give out special favours in the men’s washroom I strongly suggest a power pre-drink. Beers in the store are about $3CAD for a 6 pack of tallies, a much more affordable price.

Women– Women here in Oslo are gorgeous; they will leave you with a sore neck. They are very approachable and will enjoy speaking with you in English. So get off your ass and cozy up next to that blonde girl at the end of the bar.

Transportation– Public transportation is fantastic here. The metro will get you almost anywhere you want to go, and when it shuts down around 2am the bus will take you where you want to go all night long. As far as taxi’s go, good luck trying to get one around 4am after a Saturday night, the streets seem busier than during the day.

Sights– For those interested in things other than partying… any more readers still with me? There are a few great sights to see in Oslo.

Opera House– If you are into architecture, head down to the Opera House on the water front. It is quite a sight with a lot of the building under water. It is a very impressive building and I strongly suggest a visit.


Frogner Park- The other great sight to see is Frogner Park which houses the Vigeland Sculpture Park. It is a huge green park with tons of trees and grass fields, a perfect spot for a day in the sun. The sculpture park is definitely a sight, with hundreds of statues all in different poses. The park brings out everybody’s immature side as they are all naked, and you will find many people taking various sexually suggestive photos.