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First Couch Surfing Experience

30 Jul

For those of you not familiar with www.couchsurfing.org it is an online database of travelers who are willing to put you up for the night or take you out for a drink. I decided to use it for the first time in Muscat. My guy Rob picked me up from the airport and we went back to his house to drop off my stuff then we hit the beach for some beers. He was from Maryland and his wife was a dentist in town. Marie and Rob were super cool and were up for anything. After our first big night out they made me French Toast (Awesome!) for breakfast before we had another beach day. The next night we hit the town hard with their friends from Oman, where we found ourselves partying with one of the Royal family. We shut the bar down before going back to their house where I grabbed my bags and went right to the airport to catch my flight. Not the greatest day of travel in my life, but eventually made it to Jordan in one piece. First experience went great now I hope the rest of them are half as good as they were.