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Foggy’s Back!

11 Oct

Everyone’s least favourite travel blogger is back! Check out the new video put together by my good friend Andrew Noon, hope you enjoy!

Dana, Jordan

7 Aug

I met a girl named Randi from Denmark and we decided to do a trip from Amman somewhere. We chose Dana in the south and packed our days packs and went to the bus station. It took a good 2 hours for the bus to fill up but finally we were on our way. A long bus ride later we got to the town of Dana, where we were picked up and driven to our hotel. The town only had 3 families left living in it and was situated on the edge of a hill. It was amazing to see this green nature reserve when all we had seen so far in Jordan was desert. We got settled into our room and went for a hike up to a spring to watch the sunset. We were invited over by a group of Bedouin to wash our feet in the spring and watch the sunset as we tried to communicate through broken English.

Back at the hotel we met a couple from Canada/Israel and decided to split a guided tour in the park with them the next day. After a great dinner, Randi and I went out for a walk to check out the stars and on the way back we got invited to a fire with some guys drinking tea and smoking Sheesha. We joined them and learned they were part of the Jordanian Special Forces, through lots of effort we managed to have a conversation. We finally excused ourselves to head back to our room.

We were eaten alive all night but managed to get up in the morning to go on our hike. Our guide was great and we had a nice tea break half way through. After the hike the couple drove us a couple of towns over and we caught the bus back to Amman. We were quite happy with our decision to leave the hustle and bustle of the big city, even though we managed to get much less sleep there.

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Beer in Amman During Ramadan

4 Aug

We searched high and low but finally found an establishment that served beer during Ramadan. We felt like addicts walking up Rainbow St. in Amman asking every bar if they served beer and every time we got the answer “no Ramadan”. We had just about given up all hope for a glass of a frothy beverage when we stumbled across Bifröst, it is located at the first circle on Rainbow st. They invited us in and poured us some Amstels the beer from Holland that Jordanians claim as their own. After countless more pints we closed the place down and walked back to our hostel feeling like explorers of yesteryear coming across a brand new discovery.



4 Aug

This site really blew me away, it was just voted one of the 7 wonders of the world and I agree with that. The massive structures that they built out of stone are out of this world. It was hard to believe that Indiana Jones found the Holy Grail here just 70 years ago. On a busy day Petra gets over 7000 visitors, I was one of 200 people there on the day I went. I wandered for hours with only the ruins and the views for company. It was a scorcher for a day so of course there was no dry underwear by the end of it. Here are some pictures from my day.



Petra, Jordan

31 Jul

Wadi Rum

30 Jul

I got up at 5am to catch the early bus out to Wadi Rum, I was lucky enough to meet a girl on a way to an exam to help me out at the crazy bus station. We piled into this little bus and we were on our way. I got out at the junction of Wadi Rum and started walking down the highway. Only 3 cars went by until my hitchhiking worked (I started to show more leg) and I got picked up by a semi truck. He drove me most of the way until I was picked up by another van and taken the rest of the way. The desert was an amazing red color and it went on forever, I hired a driver and he took me around to a bunch of the sites. It was still morning but the little hiking I was doing was taking it out of me in the heat. The cliffs surrounding me were huge and I would not want to be lost out here alone. After visiting you can really tell why this is a must stop on the Jordan itinerary. If you are not into crowds (and you are okay with heat) go during the low season of summer, it was really only me and the desert and I got a real feeling of loneliness out there.

 FoggyWadi RumWadi Rum

Wadi Rum