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Foggy’s Back!

11 Oct

Everyone’s least favourite travel blogger is back! Check out the new video put together by my good friend Andrew Noon, hope you enjoy!

My Wellington Farewell

24 Sep

I may have had a few drinks my last night in Wellington with the boys and forgot a couple things in the apartment when I left New Zealand for good. Luckily Will made a visit back home and returned my trusty handheld and I found this gem on there.


Chur New Zealand!

1 Apr

6 months rolled by pretty quickly in New Zealand. I landed right in the middle of the Rugby World Cup and the party kept going right up to the last night with the boys. I saw some amazing things in the country and met some pretty bad ass folk. The weather wasn’t always the best in the little town of Wellington but it kept you on your toes as you always seemed to bump into that one person you hoped to avoid. I leave New Zealand knowing I will be back as it truly felt like a second home. I want to thank everyone who made my stay in this South Pacific nation amazing and look forward to seeing you again.

My life has officially been reduced to the size of a backpack again as I set out on my next set of adventures. The best part about these adventures though is the gravy train is once again at the station, see you soon Mom and Pops!












Farewell song from work

19 Mar

Work was so happy to see me leave they wrote me a song. Thanks a ton to Jono for taking the time!


Urban Abseiling

15 Mar

Abseiling ( from German: abseilen meaning “to rope down”), rappelling in American English,[1] is the controlled descent down a rock face using a rope; climbers use this technique when a cliff or slope is too steep and/or dangerous to descend without protection.

Mom you can stop reading here. We were sitting around a friend’s house when we decided it would be a good idea to tie a rope around a bench press machine put on a harness and abseil out of his fourth story window. The first two guys went down unscathed and then it was my time to slip on the harness. I got a quick crash course of how to do it and before I knew it I was on the ledge looking 40 feet down at my coach. The desent started alright and I was going down with some ease until I swung out from the building and my foot went through the first story window. I quickly got down and we hid all evidence of this urban abseil.

To the next time I do something stupid abroad!


My First Cricket Game

6 Mar

The lads all met up after work and we headed down to Wespac Stadium to catch some 20/20 cricket. I have gotten pretty into the sport down here but had never actually seen it live yet. 20/20 form means that each team gets 20 overs to bat (in baseball terms an over is 6 pitches long) and takes about as long as a baseball game would. There are the obvious similarities between the two sports with someone throwing a ball at a batter and the fielders trying to get them out. The best similarity though was that cricket fans like their beer as much as baseball fans do. It was an awesome night and I felt like I was back at Safeco watching the Mariners kick the Blue Jays ass.



At work Pre Sevens

19 Feb

Jono Entwistle himself showing how good it feels to be a Gangsta.


Wellington Sevens

15 Feb

People inWellingtonhave to put up with a lot living in this city. The constant wind capable of thwarting any sunny day, the hipster scene growing far too out of control and the price of a beer costing the majority of your pay cheque, but all is forgotten on one weekend during the summer. For one weekendWellingtonplays host to the biggest party inNew Zealandand possibly one of the biggest ones I have ever attended. The Wellington Sevens tournament drawing all top rugby sevens teams from across the globe. This is no regular sporting event though; everyone dresses up in their best costumes and heads down to the two day event. New Zealand not being into Halloween(one of my favourite days of the year) I felt a little cheated when I did not get to dress up back in October but this weekend well made up for it. The boys herded together in their cow costumes and went off to the venue. The whole walk to the stadium is a party within itself checking out everyone’s getups. Once inside not a second of rugby is watched and the mayhem really begins. You do not get out of your costume for two full days which of course makes the walk of shame that much better. In the endNew Zealandwon the tournament in the one game people actually decided to turn around and watch. The weekend was just another event on the growing list of amazing things this country has to offer and I can’t wait for the next one to creep up.


Wellington Sevens

Earthquake Fun

4 Dec

It was just another casual Saturday night in Wellington. Tom and I went down to the TSB arena to watch some New Zealand Roller Derby. It was between races when our seats were suddenly rattled quite sharply. Half the audience got up and walked out and the rest of us sat there in amazement. Debris floated down from the rafters and I was left feeling a little shaken. I still didn’t really know what had happened because it was so sudden. We were finally told it was an earthquake, it was a 5.7 magnitude that struck off the coast of Picton. This is now the second earthquake I have felt down here but I have never felt one that strong. The feeling in my chest took a while to subside, but eventually got over it. Now I just hope that is the biggest one I will face.


Small World

28 Nov

It is amazing sometimes how small the world really is, the more you travel the greater this realization becomes. I moved to Wellington here knowing no one, and through Tom he mentioned a fellow Canadian living here. We went out for drinks a few times and it turns out he went to UBC as well and ran the same Blue Crew program I did a few years before me. An even stranger twist is that his Dad trained with my Uncle Brent in track in Victoria. So here we are two Canadians in New Zealand causing a ruckus. Will has made the transition down here great the only problem is we both love then same women and her name is cold beer. We have arms made of rubber and whenever the weekend rolls around they always seemed to be twisted. I can certainly think of worse things in life so this one’s for you Mr. Stewart!