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At work Pre Sevens

19 Feb

Jono Entwistle himself showing how good it feels to be a Gangsta.


Small World

28 Nov

It is amazing sometimes how small the world really is, the more you travel the greater this realization becomes. I moved to Wellington here knowing no one, and through Tom he mentioned a fellow Canadian living here. We went out for drinks a few times and it turns out he went to UBC as well and ran the same Blue Crew program I did a few years before me. An even stranger twist is that his Dad trained with my Uncle Brent in track in Victoria. So here we are two Canadians in New Zealand causing a ruckus. Will has made the transition down here great the only problem is we both love then same women and her name is cold beer. We have arms made of rubber and whenever the weekend rolls around they always seemed to be twisted. I can certainly think of worse things in life so this one’s for you Mr. Stewart!


My New Digs

15 Nov

I packed up my travel bag and walked 3 blocks to my new place. I found a 7 bedroom house that had 2 bedrooms available for my friend Tom and I. Tom and I met back at UBC in 2010 when he was doing a year exchange up there and is one of the main reasons I moved down to New Zealand. We got two rooms in the West Wing of the house. There are 8 of us living in the house with 4 guys and 4 girls, should be interesting at the least. I am just a 25 minute walk to work and more importantly a 5 minute walk to many drinking establishments on Cuba Street (for those in Vancouver think Commercial). The kitchen is pretty small and we don’t have much of a yard but it holds up in the Wellington wind so that is more than I can ask for.

















A Graduation in Dubai

22 Jul

While here in Dubai I was lucky enough to catch my friend Meghan Adams’ graduation to a full fledged cabin crew, she told me not to put it up so I did it anyways. Sorry about the bad quality.