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Foggy’s Back!

11 Oct

Everyone’s least favourite travel blogger is back! Check out the new video put together by my good friend Andrew Noon, hope you enjoy!

A Night in Riga, Latvia

12 Jul

The night started out like most others on this trip, my parents and I wandering around the old part of town looking for a place to eat. We found a nice little place off the main square called D-Style. We ordered some drinks and food and had a quiet sit down while checking out the nice scenery passing by. After dinner our server invited us back later because one of the owners was throwing her music video release that night.

We sauntered off down to another bar and sat outside to watch some live music. It was a little uncomfortable for a while as I had to endure some creepy girls snapping pictures of me from another table. A couple more Zeltas (Latvian Beer) down the road my parents left for the hotel and I was left to peruse the streets.

 I stopped in at a dance club where there was a bachelorette party going on, I shared a couple of dances and accepted a few of their drinks until I felt it was time for the next spot. I found a change of gears at a quieter Irish Pub, grabbed a pint and stood on the patio. A couple of tall dudes walked by so I asked if they played ball, after a little chatting they came in and bought me a beer. One of them ended up being the assistant GM of the Raptors and the other used to play. They were over watching Jonas Varound the    in the U19 world championships (still think it was a lousy pick). We shot the shit about ball for a while and then went our separate ways.

 I wandered back to D-Style but had sadly missed the premier, but the music video was still playing on the TV. I recognized the blonde in the bar and walked up and asked her how the premier went. We watched her video for a while and told me about making it and how she was part owner of the bar. She bought me a few drinks and then took me outside to meet another one of the owners. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that the other owner was just as gorgeous. I spent the rest of the night talking with the other owner; she was a big hockey fan so perfect in my book. I didn’t spend a dime the rest of the night, we drank Canadian Club and Zelta, the Canadian and Latvian pairing. The clock struck 5 and it was time for this traveller to stumble back to his hotel room, with the birds chirping and sun out it was quite a civilized stroll home.