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Foggy’s Back!

11 Oct

Everyone’s least favourite travel blogger is back! Check out the new video put together by my good friend Andrew Noon, hope you enjoy!


Tel-Aviv Airport Gongshow

12 Aug

Well getting out of Tel-Aviv has to be one of the worst airport experiences I have ever had. It started out with the first line up of many more to come, at the end of this line was a guy waiting to ask me many questions. He took my passport and then interrogation began. What is your last name? Where were you born? Why were you in Israel? Are you traveling alone? Why? Do you have any friends or family in Israel? Why would you visit here without knowing anybody? Did you visit the West Bank? After he was through, I was passed along to his supervisor where she asked all the same questions and then many others. 20 minutes later I was allowed to put my large bag through the X-ray machine.

Once my bag was put through the machine, they determined in needed to be searched, so I waited in another line to get my bag checked. They made me unzip my bag and they went through the whole thing checking for who knows what. After they were satisfied with the search I was escorted to check into my flight.

Once the ticket was issued and bag checked, I was escorted again to security. I was told to go stand in line number two. I followed orders and it was not long until I realized this line was not moving. The only time I moved up is when people were put into other lines. After a good 30 min of no real action in my line I was summoned by an officer to another line (MOVEMENT!) I put my carry on through the X-ray machine and surprise, surprise they wanted to go through it. They took some cords out and ran it again, then some more cords out and through again, third times a charm right? After three times through the machine they deemed me not a threat so they let me continue on with my gauntlet.

The next step was Passport control, I got stamped out of the country and I was finally free to wait the little time to my flight. Thank God I decided to go to the airport early or my flight would have been long gone without me. The only saving grace to the experience was meeting two cute Israeli Dentists in the airport, then once on the plane they came and found me and made me switch seats with the person next to them. A few drinks later we were in Istanbul and I set out again on my own.


Dead Sea

9 Aug

No trip to Israel/Jordan is complete without a trip to the Dead Sea. I brushed off my very hungover self and caught the bus from Jerusalem. It took about an hour but finally got to Ein Gedi a cool little town on the coast. I stripped down and jumped in and like everyone else was amazed on how you just float on the top. It is very salty so make sure to keep it out of your eyes and mouth, also if you had too many beers the night before or ate a shwarma that didn’t agree with your stomach there might be something else burning also…


Dead Sea

Making Party Poops

7 Aug

Israeli Army

7 Aug

Coming across the border into Israel I was blown away by the beautiful border guards. I was pulled aside for questioning and all I wanted to do was ask for this girl’s number, I didn’t of course as I am alive and still writing you posts. In Israel women have to join the army for 2 years and men for 3 years and you start at 18. Everywhere you look you can see a gorgeous lady holding a massive machine gun (super sexy!). The only question I have for the Israeli government now is where can I sign up?