Wellington Sevens

15 Feb

People inWellingtonhave to put up with a lot living in this city. The constant wind capable of thwarting any sunny day, the hipster scene growing far too out of control and the price of a beer costing the majority of your pay cheque, but all is forgotten on one weekend during the summer. For one weekendWellingtonplays host to the biggest party inNew Zealandand possibly one of the biggest ones I have ever attended. The Wellington Sevens tournament drawing all top rugby sevens teams from across the globe. This is no regular sporting event though; everyone dresses up in their best costumes and heads down to the two day event. New Zealand not being into Halloween(one of my favourite days of the year) I felt a little cheated when I did not get to dress up back in October but this weekend well made up for it. The boys herded together in their cow costumes and went off to the venue. The whole walk to the stadium is a party within itself checking out everyone’s getups. Once inside not a second of rugby is watched and the mayhem really begins. You do not get out of your costume for two full days which of course makes the walk of shame that much better. In the endNew Zealandwon the tournament in the one game people actually decided to turn around and watch. The weekend was just another event on the growing list of amazing things this country has to offer and I can’t wait for the next one to creep up.


Wellington Sevens

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