Wadi Rum

30 Jul

I got up at 5am to catch the early bus out to Wadi Rum, I was lucky enough to meet a girl on a way to an exam to help me out at the crazy bus station. We piled into this little bus and we were on our way. I got out at the junction of Wadi Rum and started walking down the highway. Only 3 cars went by until my hitchhiking worked (I started to show more leg) and I got picked up by a semi truck. He drove me most of the way until I was picked up by another van and taken the rest of the way. The desert was an amazing red color and it went on forever, I hired a driver and he took me around to a bunch of the sites. It was still morning but the little hiking I was doing was taking it out of me in the heat. The cliffs surrounding me were huge and I would not want to be lost out here alone. After visiting you can really tell why this is a must stop on the Jordan itinerary. If you are not into crowds (and you are okay with heat) go during the low season of summer, it was really only me and the desert and I got a real feeling of loneliness out there.

 FoggyWadi RumWadi Rum

Wadi Rum

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  1. Ed (Papa) Fougner July 30, 2011 at 10:59 AM #

    Awesome Rob.

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