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Israeli Army

7 Aug

Coming across the border into Israel I was blown away by the beautiful border guards. I was pulled aside for questioning and all I wanted to do was ask for this girl’s number, I didn’t of course as I am alive and still writing you posts. In Israel women have to join the army for 2 years and men for 3 years and you start at 18. Everywhere you look you can see a gorgeous lady holding a massive machine gun (super sexy!). The only question I have for the Israeli government now is where can I sign up?



A Huge Thank You!

26 Jul

I just wanted to take the time to thank my awesome hosts in Dubai, Meghan and Paige. These two girls took me in for a grueling 9 days. They took me to go see the sights of Dubai in the disgusting heat when I am sure they would have preferred a nice day around the pool. It didn’t stop when then sun went down though, we hit the bar scene hard for some great times and times we hope are quickly forgotten. Wow the time went by fast and now it is time to move on. Most importantly I want to thank these girls for putting up with me for that long and not kicking me to the curb. You girls are the best and I can not Thank You enough!

Foggy (aka Cousin Rob…aka Uncle Bob)

Staying Out of Jail in Dubai

26 Jul

My great hosts in Dubai Meghan and Paige give us an inside look on how to stay out of jail in this Middle Eastern city.


Danish Hospitality

21 Jul

Well my solitude did not last long… At the end of my last meal out with my parents I asked our server where I should spend my Saturday. After a few minutes of chatting she gave me her number and told me to call her in the morning. After I parted ways with the folks the next day (see Gravy Train is Over), I called up Line and she came over to my hotel. She lived close by and said we could drop my bag off at her place while we went out for the day.

We grabbed her bikes and she took me for a tour all  over Copenhagen. We rode through lots of parks and saw all the sites to see, it was great to finally get out in the city when it was actually sunny out. After the bike tour we went back to her house where her mom made us a Danish lunch. After our cool down we jumped back on the bikes and went to Tivoli the amusement park right in the middle of Copenhagen. We had such a great time on all the rides, especially the fact you got to see all of Copenhagen from the tops of them.

It was getting dark and figured it was time to start drinking so we rolled back to her place for some food and a warm up for the night. We drank with her neighbours and her sister and then out to the club. All they drank were shots, no time for casual beers so things got ugly fast. I was out on the dance floor most of the night, killing any reputation Canadians had for good dancers. We slimed home just after 4 to crash at her place.

The next day we woke up and Line took me to the national museum and then we went and watched a movie. It was raining again so we went back to her place for dinner, her mom made us some Mexican food. I packed up my stuff and then Line walked me to my Hostel. We then went out for a quick beer before I said goodbye to the best tour guide I could have asked for. A great way to start off the trip, so Thank You again Line!


A Night in Riga, Latvia

12 Jul

The night started out like most others on this trip, my parents and I wandering around the old part of town looking for a place to eat. We found a nice little place off the main square called D-Style. We ordered some drinks and food and had a quiet sit down while checking out the nice scenery passing by. After dinner our server invited us back later because one of the owners was throwing her music video release that night.

We sauntered off down to another bar and sat outside to watch some live music. It was a little uncomfortable for a while as I had to endure some creepy girls snapping pictures of me from another table. A couple more Zeltas (Latvian Beer) down the road my parents left for the hotel and I was left to peruse the streets.

 I stopped in at a dance club where there was a bachelorette party going on, I shared a couple of dances and accepted a few of their drinks until I felt it was time for the next spot. I found a change of gears at a quieter Irish Pub, grabbed a pint and stood on the patio. A couple of tall dudes walked by so I asked if they played ball, after a little chatting they came in and bought me a beer. One of them ended up being the assistant GM of the Raptors and the other used to play. They were over watching Jonas Varound the    in the U19 world championships (still think it was a lousy pick). We shot the shit about ball for a while and then went our separate ways.

 I wandered back to D-Style but had sadly missed the premier, but the music video was still playing on the TV. I recognized the blonde in the bar and walked up and asked her how the premier went. We watched her video for a while and told me about making it and how she was part owner of the bar. She bought me a few drinks and then took me outside to meet another one of the owners. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that the other owner was just as gorgeous. I spent the rest of the night talking with the other owner; she was a big hockey fan so perfect in my book. I didn’t spend a dime the rest of the night, we drank Canadian Club and Zelta, the Canadian and Latvian pairing. The clock struck 5 and it was time for this traveller to stumble back to his hotel room, with the birds chirping and sun out it was quite a civilized stroll home.

Oslo Travel Tips

27 Jun

Here are a few tips for travelling Oslo.

Drinking– Alcohol in restaurants and bars are ridiculously expensive, around $12CAD for a pint of beer. To be able to afford a night on the town without having to give out special favours in the men’s washroom I strongly suggest a power pre-drink. Beers in the store are about $3CAD for a 6 pack of tallies, a much more affordable price.

Women– Women here in Oslo are gorgeous; they will leave you with a sore neck. They are very approachable and will enjoy speaking with you in English. So get off your ass and cozy up next to that blonde girl at the end of the bar.

Transportation– Public transportation is fantastic here. The metro will get you almost anywhere you want to go, and when it shuts down around 2am the bus will take you where you want to go all night long. As far as taxi’s go, good luck trying to get one around 4am after a Saturday night, the streets seem busier than during the day.

Sights– For those interested in things other than partying… any more readers still with me? There are a few great sights to see in Oslo.

Opera House– If you are into architecture, head down to the Opera House on the water front. It is quite a sight with a lot of the building under water. It is a very impressive building and I strongly suggest a visit.


Frogner Park- The other great sight to see is Frogner Park which houses the Vigeland Sculpture Park. It is a huge green park with tons of trees and grass fields, a perfect spot for a day in the sun. The sculpture park is definitely a sight, with hundreds of statues all in different poses. The park brings out everybody’s immature side as they are all naked, and you will find many people taking various sexually suggestive photos.