4 Aug

Ramadan is an Islamic month of fasting. Muslims will not eat or drink any liquid between sunrise and sunset. You are also not allowed to smoke during these times so you can imagine how cranky people can get. It is pretty hot in almost all Muslim countries so you can tell how difficult this could be. Restaurants are not open during the day and if they are it is for take away only. It has been difficult for me because as a traveler you are allowed to eat or drink but it is hard to slam back a nice bottle of cold water on a bus full of people dying to do the same thing. All my eating and drinking is done in private so it is like being back at a high school dance chugging alcohol in the bathroom, except this time it is sneaking a drink of water.

Another downside to Ramadan is that all bars close and it is next to impossible to find a drinking establishment willing to pour you a cocktail. It was a neat experience for a couple of days but I am glad to be back in a non-Muslim country enjoying the sweet nectar of water on a 40 degrees day. Always keep a look out for when Ramadan starts as it changes every year, or you may also be stuck in the fasting world like me enjoying your meals in truck stop restrooms.


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