10 Sep

If cheap beer and beautiful women are not your scene than stay far clear of Belgrade. I had been here a couple of months ago on another trip so I knew what I was getting into (or thought I did…). I quickly found a hostel with some awesome Italian guys I met on the train and then the party started.  A half litre of beer in a bar will run you around 1.5 Euros ($2CAD), so your dollar goes a long way on a night out. We were lucky enough to meet some girls from Belgrade who were willing to show us the nightlife around town. The clubs were packed every night of the week with the most gorgeous women I have ever seen in my life. They all wore high heels and were all dressed to kill. I was told that summer is the downtime for nightlife and that winter is when things really get going in the city. I couldn’t fathom something better than this, but I might have to make a winter trip back sometime in this lifetime.










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