29 Feb

The alarm buzzed and it was time for Will and I to drag our hungover bodies out of bed. Took a taxi to the airport and we boarded our flight to Queenstown. We went to go rent our car and we were both surprised they still gave it to us after our comments of finding out we had full insurance, which included “well now we can really smash up the car” from me and “I really dinged up the last rental car I had” from Will. We checked in at the hostel and then drove to the top of Coronet Ski field to have a look. We then drove to Arrowtown for some adult beverages then up the lake to Glenorchy. We got back into Queenstown and started to really get into the party. We cruised around town buying round after round until it was time to pull the shoot on the night as we had a long drive the next day.

We set off at 9 in the morning after a mandatory McDonalds breakfast for Milford Sound. It was a great drive out through the mountain ranges and 4 hours later we reached our destination. We got on our boat and did a tour of Milford Sound and checked out all the waterfalls and sights it had to offer. I had wanted to do this trip ever since I watched the snowboard movie That’s It That’s All where they did a helicopter shot over the fjords. The cruise was amazing and I strongly recommend it to anyone going to New Zealand. We finished up the cruise and took our time getting back to Queenstown with a few look out spots and swimming holes. A great night of pool and beers rounded off our Sunday night on our successful trip down to Queenstown. Then 12 hours later I was back at work wondering where my weekend had gone.


New Zealand










New Zealand









New Zealand


















New Zealand









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