Dude put your camera away

27 Oct

I had met a couple from the UK in Buhoma on the gorilla trekking and we decided to cut costs and travel together. We were driving from the south to the north end of Queen Elizabeth National Park and our driver Moustafa informed us that there were some pretty rough parts of the road and he was not lying. When we got to the second bad spot there was a huge line up of trucks that we passed and then we saw the problem. There was a truck with its load on a 45 degree angle stuck in the mud and then another truck stuck next to it that had tried to pass it. It left only a gap on the one side and as soon as we got there two cars went from opposite sides went at the same time. They both met and a huge yelling match erupted. I thought this was a pretty interesting scene so I whipped out my camera for some photos. As I was trying a panorama shot of the whole scene I heard Abbas say “dude put your camera away” and I looked up to see a man coming at me with a piece of wood in his hand and rage in his eyes. He was yelling at me in Swahili and a group of other men were holding him back. He thought I was taking pictures of his driving as he was the driver of the big truck. The men eventually defused the situation by basically saying that I was a stupid white man. Here are my amateur photos of the scene that unfolded on that rainy day in Uganda.


2 Responses to “Dude put your camera away”

  1. Ed Fougner October 27, 2012 at 5:40 PM #

    Be careful Rob, take care.

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