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A Drinker’s Guide to London

15 Oct

Eight Bells

Great family run neighborhood pub located at 89 Fulham High Street, London, Greater London SW6 3JS, United Kingdom. This place had a great atmosphere to it and drinks were all very cheap. Great bar to put your arm around your mate and belt out the classics it has going over the speakers.










The Penthouse

Located at 1 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7NA, United Kingdom on the 6th floor. It has a great view of Big Ben and the London Eye but it is a little too clubby for me. Drinks will run you about 6 pounds and are nothing special. If you are looking to dress up and hit the dance floor, saddle up the elevator to this joint.








The Whitehorse

At 1-3 Parsons Green, London SW6 4UL, United Kingdom, this pub is for the toffy. It is a great looking pub with a dark mahogany finish on everything. We had some great food here but if you want a good day out with the boys this is not the spot for you. We spotted more baby carriages than girls (hard to believe but true), so a great spot for a family but we decided to move on.











Aussies they are everywhere on this planet so instead of fighting it just give up and join them. With two locations one at Temple Station, Temple Place, London WC2R 2PH, United Kingdom and the second at 11 Henrietta Street, London, Greater London WC2E 8PY, United Kingdom. With a huge variety of Kangaroo on the menu this is an Aussie home away from home. They have a great burger and a beer deal that will set you back 6.95£. This place gets a little loose at night so if you are looking to enjoy your feed in peace head there for lunch.











Located at 33-37 Wardour Street, London W1D 6PU, United Kingdom this is your typical Irish Pub. Food is good and the price of a beer is reasonable for downtown London. With 3 floors to choose from this place was packed on a Sunday night. They serve quite a lot of beers that run from Budweiser to Guiness. It is hard to go wrong with an Irish pub so if you have a short time in London this is an easy choice.









The Live and Let Live Pub

Located at 35-37 North End Road London, Greater London W14 8SZ, United Kingdom this is your typical dodgy pub. With a crowd inside that is less than inviting we only stayed for one pint. A beer ran you about £3.50 but you thought at sometimes it might cost you the rest of the change in your wallet if you weren’t too careful. A fun experience but I don’t think I will be back.









Oktoberfest Pub

Always wanted to cheers a stein in Munich during Oktoberfest but never had the chance? Now Munich is located at 678-680 Fulham Road, London SW6 5SA, United Kingdom. With pork knuckles and bratwurst on the menu this place gives the Oktoberfest experience without the air fare. A great vibe inside with many people in great spirits!










Lockside Lounge

At 75-89 West Yard, Camden Lock Place, Camden Town, Greater London NW1 8AF, United Kingdom. This is a great lounge to meet your friends after a long day in the office; the only problem is you won’t be able to hear your conversations with each other. They had a good selection of beer but for a bunch of boys looking to catch up with each other this is not the spot. As the night went on though and the place filled out the music got the people on the dance floor and it turned out alright.


Ride Sharing

24 Sep

Short on cash and trains are not quite in the budget, and don’t feel like standing on the side of the road with your thumb out. Head over to and saddle yourself a ride. The website allows you to put in what two cities you want to travel between and on what date. Then it will give you a list of drivers, what time they are leaving and how much they want for gas. It operates in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Great Britain. It is a great way to meet people from the country and get yourself around for way cheaper than other means of transportation.


Turkey Tips

31 Aug

When I first arrived in this country, it was only supposed to be for five days. It was supposed to be my stepping stone into Greece, and those of your following along know that didn’t quite work out. I ended up visiting the cities of Bodrum, Fetiye, Olympos, Goreme and then back to Istanbul. The people of Turkey were very hospitable and always went the extra mile. They were happy to see tourists which is a rarity in many nations. Here are a couple of tips to make your stay a little more enjoyable.


Busses- Turkey has very nice busses all including TV’s, tea and coffee, snacks and some even have wifi. You can get to many destinations throughout Turkey on overnighters.


Efes- Is the local beer found in a blue can, it goes down pretty easy especially on a scorching day.











Raki- If you are looking for something a little harder, look no further than rocky. It is along the same lines as Sambuca. Try mixing it with water to get a white color; they call it lion’s milk.


Sorry boys unless you speak Turkish your chances are slim, better stick to the tourists.


I was pretty surprised on how much I loved the food in Turkey, here are a few of the favourites.

Lamachun- A thin crust with a bunch of spices and meat on it. You throw lettuce, onion, tomatoes and then drizzle it in lemon juice. Roll that bad boy up and you have yourself a meal.

Gozleme – A large Crepe type thing cooked on a dome stove top. You can put feta, potatoes, spinach, cheese, mushrooms or meat in it.


Hostels are very cheap here and you can generally find ones that include breakfast. All hostels in Olympos will include dinner and breakfast in the price.




Almost Scammed in Istanbul

16 Aug

So I was walking around downtown Istanbul trying to find a pub to cozy up in when a guy started chatting with me. He told me he was traveling from Cyprus and was looking for a bar too. We walked for a bit and then he said his hotel recommended this spot close by so we rolled there. A couple of dodgy turns and alleys later we walked into this very dimly lit joint. I was thrown off right away when there was a group of 12 or so girls dancing and looking at themselves in a big mirror. The guy ordered 2 drinks but the old gut was saying something was off here, I quickly asked how much beers were and of course they were 4 times the price. I remembered hearing that this was a type of scam so I grabbed my jacket and told the guy to screw off and was out the door into the next pub to sip on a very reasonable priced Efes.

Dead Sea

9 Aug

No trip to Israel/Jordan is complete without a trip to the Dead Sea. I brushed off my very hungover self and caught the bus from Jerusalem. It took about an hour but finally got to Ein Gedi a cool little town on the coast. I stripped down and jumped in and like everyone else was amazed on how you just float on the top. It is very salty so make sure to keep it out of your eyes and mouth, also if you had too many beers the night before or ate a shwarma that didn’t agree with your stomach there might be something else burning also…


Dead Sea

Beer in Amman During Ramadan

4 Aug

We searched high and low but finally found an establishment that served beer during Ramadan. We felt like addicts walking up Rainbow St. in Amman asking every bar if they served beer and every time we got the answer “no Ramadan”. We had just about given up all hope for a glass of a frothy beverage when we stumbled across Bifröst, it is located at the first circle on Rainbow st. They invited us in and poured us some Amstels the beer from Holland that Jordanians claim as their own. After countless more pints we closed the place down and walked back to our hostel feeling like explorers of yesteryear coming across a brand new discovery.



4 Aug

Ramadan is an Islamic month of fasting. Muslims will not eat or drink any liquid between sunrise and sunset. You are also not allowed to smoke during these times so you can imagine how cranky people can get. It is pretty hot in almost all Muslim countries so you can tell how difficult this could be. Restaurants are not open during the day and if they are it is for take away only. It has been difficult for me because as a traveler you are allowed to eat or drink but it is hard to slam back a nice bottle of cold water on a bus full of people dying to do the same thing. All my eating and drinking is done in private so it is like being back at a high school dance chugging alcohol in the bathroom, except this time it is sneaking a drink of water.

Another downside to Ramadan is that all bars close and it is next to impossible to find a drinking establishment willing to pour you a cocktail. It was a neat experience for a couple of days but I am glad to be back in a non-Muslim country enjoying the sweet nectar of water on a 40 degrees day. Always keep a look out for when Ramadan starts as it changes every year, or you may also be stuck in the fasting world like me enjoying your meals in truck stop restrooms.


Staying Out of Jail in Dubai

26 Jul

My great hosts in Dubai Meghan and Paige give us an inside look on how to stay out of jail in this Middle Eastern city.


Oslo Travel Tips

27 Jun

Here are a few tips for travelling Oslo.

Drinking– Alcohol in restaurants and bars are ridiculously expensive, around $12CAD for a pint of beer. To be able to afford a night on the town without having to give out special favours in the men’s washroom I strongly suggest a power pre-drink. Beers in the store are about $3CAD for a 6 pack of tallies, a much more affordable price.

Women– Women here in Oslo are gorgeous; they will leave you with a sore neck. They are very approachable and will enjoy speaking with you in English. So get off your ass and cozy up next to that blonde girl at the end of the bar.

Transportation– Public transportation is fantastic here. The metro will get you almost anywhere you want to go, and when it shuts down around 2am the bus will take you where you want to go all night long. As far as taxi’s go, good luck trying to get one around 4am after a Saturday night, the streets seem busier than during the day.

Sights– For those interested in things other than partying… any more readers still with me? There are a few great sights to see in Oslo.

Opera House– If you are into architecture, head down to the Opera House on the water front. It is quite a sight with a lot of the building under water. It is a very impressive building and I strongly suggest a visit.


Frogner Park- The other great sight to see is Frogner Park which houses the Vigeland Sculpture Park. It is a huge green park with tons of trees and grass fields, a perfect spot for a day in the sun. The sculpture park is definitely a sight, with hundreds of statues all in different poses. The park brings out everybody’s immature side as they are all naked, and you will find many people taking various sexually suggestive photos.