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Staying Out of Jail in Dubai

26 Jul

My great hosts in Dubai Meghan and Paige give us an inside look on how to stay out of jail in this Middle Eastern city.


Swimming in Dubai

25 Jul

I was told that I needed to feelĀ the water temperature at theĀ beach in Dubai. So Meghan and I hoped in a cab out to a beach. We walked around a little before and my boxers were instantly soaked, can you say swass? We eventually got to the beach and it was right into my swim shorts. Jumped in the water and could not believe how hot it was, it was warmer than a bath tub. It was about 32C, which is crazy so we swam for a while and then got out to watch the sun go down. The only thing that could have made it better was some cold beers, but we felt it was better to stay out of prison.









A Graduation in Dubai

22 Jul

While here in Dubai I was lucky enough to catch my friend Meghan Adams’ graduation to a full fledged cabin crew, she told me not to put it up so I did it anyways. Sorry about the bad quality.